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"The Dream Dreaming You"

by Jay Sharp

Custom Artwork,

Watercolor Portraits,

Murals and


Bethany Baker Art

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Bethany Baker Art


Custom portraits featuring your loved one, pet or coworker. Request a specialized theme, background or solid color of your choosing. 

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Make your home, workspace, personal gym, store or restaurant come alive! Murals can be used to advertise,or simply to set the tone for your environment.


Bring your story to life with watercolor or acrylic illustrations.

Fine Art

Original artwork created in watercolor, ink and or gold leafing. Take a walk through fantasyland with us.

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Custom Projects

From wood crafted decorative art to personalized images for your luggage, custom projects cover a variety of works to meet your needs.


Logo Design

Use an individualized logo to promote your business, product or event.

Testimonials and Reviews


Suzy C.

We hired Bethany to create a specialty piece of art for our family room. She was amazing to work with from start to finish. She communicated with us throughout the process and finished very quickly. Overall, the project turned out better than we could have imagined! We highly recommend using Bethany. She is a very talented artist with a gift for knowing exactly what you are looking for!


Missy J.

Bethany is an extremely talented artist. She captured my daughters likeness like no other and created a work of art that we will treasure as a family forever. I was impressed with her detailing and the story she was able to tell in one picture! Everyone who sees the portrait comments on how amazing and original it is. I would recommend her to anyone.

IMG-1300 (1).JPG

Chris D.

I commissioned Bethany for a 4X6 painting. She was extremely responsive, timely, and the art itself is beautiful and just what I was looking for. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks Bethany!


Julie G.

With the recent passing of our beloved cat Gracie, I wanted to memorialize her in a portrait as a gift for my husband. I contacted Bethany and sent some photos of Gracie. After just a few days I received notice that Bethany was complete with the project, she sent me a picture of the painting and it looked great! Within a couple more days it arrived in my mailbox in a first-class package. Seeing a photo of this art does not do it justice. In person, all of the details are strikingly beautiful. It is obvious that Bethany not only has command of her technique, but spent time on this piece, getting everything perfect (the color and shape of the eyes alone!!). Husband truly loved this gift. I definitely recommend Bethany's amazing talents. ❤

cropped final mural garage.jpg

Jay S.

When you pick an artist you expect quality but not necessarily respect and being listened to. With Beth you get both. In case you want to see what I mean you can drive by 557 11th ave in SLC and then give her a call!.

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James H.

Wow... Bethany was so amazing to work with! She always responded to any of my questions quickly. I just told her what I was looking for and she did the rest. She helped me create one of the most unique and special gifts I have ever given to my wife, and this wasn't an easy task. I was rushing to get it done before Christmas and needed her to paint on a texture that seemed impossible for an artist to work with. Not only did Bethany finish with plenty of time to spare, but her completed work makes it look like she was just painting on a canvas. I honestly don't know how she did it. I have been looking at her work trying to figure it out, haha. Her skill as an artist is so impressive and creative! When I first saw the completed product I was blown away. I will definitely be asking for her to help me with future products. THANK YOU BETHANY!!